Uncontested Divorce

Understanding Divorce in Florida: Your Options and the Path Ahead


Embarking on the Divorce Journey

Making the decision to divorce is undeniably challenging. In Florida, you have several routes to finalize this decision, with the primary options being an uncontested or a contested divorce. At Florida Divorce Law Group, we advocate for the more amicable and efficient route: the uncontested divorce. It's not only cost-effective but also promotes collaboration between spouses (plus a lot faster than a contested divorce).


Uncontested Divorce: A Closer Look

An uncontested divorce signifies that both spouses are willing to work together, ironing out all disagreements before filing. While it's beneficial to have legal representation, some couples opt for a neutral mediator to facilitate discussions on potentially contentious divorce matters.

Our commitment at Florida Divorce Law Group is to ensure a swift, fair, and stress-free resolution. In fact, when all issues are mutually resolved, the average time we take to finalize a divorce without children or assets is approximately two weeks. With children less 1-2 months.


Key Elements of an Uncontested Divorce

For an uncontested divorce to be feasible:
- Both parties must be amenable to collaboration.
- All significant terms of the divorce, including property division, child custody, and financial aspects, must be agreed upon.


Advantages of Opting for a Collaborative Divorce

- Economic Efficiency: Contested divorces can be financially draining due to attorney fees, court costs, and associated lost wages.
- Expediency: An uncontested divorce can conclude in as little as three months, depending on court processing times.
- Collaboration Over Confrontation: Working together fosters a less hostile environment, reducing emotional strain for all involved.
- Autonomy Over Outcomes: Instead of leaving decisions to a judge, couples have direct input into the terms of their divorce.


Getting Started with the Divorce Process

Initiating the divorce involves:
1. Drafting essential documents, including petitions and settlement agreements (within 24 to 48 hours of retaining the firm).
2. Once filed, we obtain a brief court hearing via Zoom for the uncontested divorce. 98 percent of the time, your appearance will NOT be needed. Depending on the courthouse, a hearing is not required and the judge will sign the final judgment once the paperwork has been submitted. 


Reach Out for Expert Guidance

Contemplating an uncontested divorce in Florida? Florida Divorce Law Group is here to guide you. With consultation via Zoom and telephone, we can quickly answer your questions and start the process. Our office policy is to have all divorce documents prepared within 24 hours of getting hired. Our goal for divorces without children or assets, is to be finalized in less than a month.  

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