Premarital Agreements: Protecting Your Future

A premarital agreement, often known as a prenuptial agreement or "prenup," is a legally binding contract entered into by a couple before they marry. This contract outlines how various financial and personal matters will be handled in the event of a divorce. While it may not be the most romantic topic to discuss before your wedding, a well-drafted premarital agreement can provide clarity, security, and peace of mind for both parties.

What Can Be Included in a Premarital Agreement?

Premarital agreements can cover a wide range of financial and personal matters, including:

- Assets and Debts: How property and debts acquired before and during the marriage will be divided in case of divorce.

- Spousal Support: Determining whether and how much spousal support (alimony) will be paid in the event of divorce.

- Inheritance and Estate Planning: Protecting the rights of children from previous marriages or ensuring that specific assets go to designated beneficiaries.

- Child Custody and Support: While child custody decisions are generally made based on the child's best interests, premarital agreements can address certain aspects of child custody and support arrangements.

Creating a Valid Premarital Agreement:

For a premarital agreement to be legally valid in Florida, it must meet specific legal requirements, including full disclosure of assets by both parties, voluntary signing, and the absence of coercion or duress.

Challenging or Invalidating a Premarital Agreement:

In some cases, individuals may challenge the validity of a premarital agreement. We will discuss the grounds for challenging an agreement and what it takes to prove its invalidity.

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Get answers to common questions about premarital agreements, such as whether you can create one after marriage, their impact on child custody, and what happens to a premarital agreement during a divorce.

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