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When dealing with family law matters that have the potential to impact you and those you love significantly, you need an experienced family law attorney who will fight for your interests.

I'm Antonio G. Jiminez and I've been a family lawyer in Orlando for over 10 years. I provide high-quality legal representation to clients who are experiencing family law problems in Orlando and around Florida. I am passionate about family, the legal profession and helping my clients find the best solutions for their cases. I believe that every family deserves to have peace of mind. I offer compassionate guidance and will fight for your interests in family court proceedings or negotiations with other parties.

I know how family court proceedings work and what judges are looking for when making decisions in family law cases. This is why my family law firm in Orlando has an enviable success rate that reflects the way I approach every case.

If you're looking for a lawyer you can trust, depend on, and feel comfortable with, then look no further. I've built my family law practice on the premise that I will provide exceptional legal services to each of my clients, earning me the reputation as one of the best family law attorneys in Orlando.

Whether you're struggling with family court matters or are interested in family mediation, spousal maintenance/alimony or child support negotiations, I can help. Contact me today to schedule an appointment in Orlando, either in person or via Zoom.

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