Parenting Plan

A Florida parenting plan is a legal document that outlines how parents will share responsibility for raising their child or children after a divorce or separation. The plan must be agreed upon by both parents and approved by a Florida court.

The parenting plan will typically include details about how parenting time (also known as visitation) will be divided between the parents, how decisions about the child's education, healthcare, and other important matters will be made, and how communication between the parents and child will be maintained. The plan may also include provisions for holidays, vacations, and other special occasions.

Some of the key elements that may be included in a Florida parenting plan are:

  • A detailed schedule outlines the child's time with each parent, including weekdays, weekends, holidays, and vacations.
  • A plan for how parents will make decisions about the child's upbringing, such as education, healthcare, and religion.
  • A process for resolving disputes or disagreements that may arise between the parents.
  • A plan for how parents will communicate with each other and the child, including phone calls, emails, and other forms of contact.
  • A plan for how parents will handle transportation of the child between homes.
  • Any other relevant details, such as how the child's extracurricular activities will be handled or how parents will handle changes to the parenting plan.

Florida law requires that parenting plans be created for all cases involving time-sharing with minor children unless both parents agree to a different arrangement. The goal of the parenting plan is to promote the child's best interests and provide a clear framework for parents to co-parent effectively after a divorce or separation.

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