The Three Types of Divorce in Florida

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In Florida, there are three different types of divorce. No, we don't mean “cheating,” “lying,” and “got bored.” We mean that there are three different main ways of filing for divorce, each meaning separate things and requiring something unique from the court. Which one is right for you depends on your life circumstances and how in agreement you are with your spouse about what your life should look like after divorce.

Here are the three main types of divorce in Florida:

Simplified Divorce

A simplified divorce allows a couple to get a divorce more quickly and efficiently - so long as they are in agreement on key issues and fit a certain criteria. In order to qualify for a Simplified Divorce, a couple must:

  • Have no minor-aged children.
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Agree on how all property should be divided.
  • Agree on how all money should be divided.

If a couple can come to these conclusions outside of court, and they fit these criteria, they may be eligible for a Simplified Divorce.

Regular Uncontested Divorce

A Regular Uncontested Divorce is a standard divorce that is largely solved outside of the courtroom. All married couples are eligible for it. In order to qualify, a couple must have solved their major issues ahead of time. They could have done this on their own, with their lawyers, or through mediation, where a neutral third party goes between the two to find an ideal compromise.

In a Regular Uncontested Divorce, the attorneys will draft agreements based on the couple's decisions, which they will both sign. Those agreements will be submitted to the court, who will be asked to sign them into law. Regular Uncontested Divorce is generally quicker and less expensive than Regular Contested Divorce.

Regular Contested Divorce

A Regular Contested Divorce is a standard divorce that is resolved in the courtroom. All married couples are eligible for it. All couples who cannot come to a decision on their own fall into the Regular Contested Divorce category.

In a Regular Contested Divorce, both spouses will appear in court with their attorneys and present their side of the issues at hand. The final ruling will be made by a Judge, who will then sign it into law. Unlike a Regular Uncontested Divorce, the final decision lies entirely in the hands of the Judge.

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