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A divorce in Florida covers all issues related to the family. Divorces are often very difficult, and you need some in your corner in the divorce court in Florida to make sure that you get what you deserve.


You have a child born outside of marriage and you want to create a fair parenting plan and establish child support. This can be a very stressful time, and a time that you want to be as gentle as possible on your child. We do our utmost as a family law firm in Florida to make sure that all your needs are taken care of.

Prenuptial Agreement

You are seeking a prenup to protect your assets. Prenups are hopefully something that you’ll only ever had to enter into once, so you’re not expected to know all the details of how they work. That’s where family law in Florida comes into the picture.

Post-Judgment Modification

You are seeking to terminate alimony, or modify alimony, child support, and the parenting plan. We handle all aspects of family law in Florida, and can help you with the trickiest situation.

Experienced FLORIDA Divorce lawyer

Your Family Law Firm

A divorce or custody dispute can place an enormous strain on a family, making it difficult for spouses to think as emotions run high. Choosing the right family attorney is the most crucial step toward achieving a positive resolution. Our family law firm in Florida is dedicated to one thing one: family law. We focus on helping our clients navigate this challenging moment in their lives and come out on the other side, free and ready to start over.

No matter whether you're in need of advocacy in Florida divorce law, or issues dealing with alimony, parental rights, or other issues related to divorce law, our family law firm is standing by, ready and prepared to fight for you.

We realize that all of these matters are sensitive and that you're not going into them lightly. As a divorce law firm in Florida we can attest that we have seen the very best in people and the very worst, and we know how to deal with both. We will hold your hand as you walk through the minefield of divorce law.

Divorces are among the most personal and potentially contentious cases dealt with by the Florida divorce courts. When your relationships with loved ones and your rights to your children, property, or financial support are threatened, we act as your trusted advocate to ensure you and your children's best interests are protected.

We believe family law is one of the most critical areas of law to practice. These cases impact us all in different ways. We understand what our clients are going through, and that is why we take great pride in representing our clients and doing it to the highest level of our profession.

Our goal is for our clients to leave our family law offices in Florida with the best possible outcomes for their children, for their finances, and for their own mental wellbeing. By being the best family law and divorce law firm that we can be, we can reach these goals.

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    Antonio G. Jimenez to me is everything and more that a lawyer should be. He was able to guide me with such expertise and exuded such honesty, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of every single aspect of my case. He was able to answer all my questions and would respond to my emails in such a ... Read On

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    Mr. Jimenez was very good at finishing my case quickly. I had another lawyer before him and she drug it out for over a year. With no end in sight. Mr. Jimenez had the ball rolling and things scheduled withing 15 minutes of taking the case that the last lawyer told me would take much longer.  He w... Read On

  • recommend him to anyone

    A very passionate, caring, understanding, compassionate attorney/man. Won't quit till your case is resolved properly and will fight to end. Definitely rate him a 5. Will definitely use his firm again and recommend him to anyone that needs a serious attorney! Read On

Serving all of Florida

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